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By Juno Stump on June 14th, 2021


After Summer Game Fest 2021 finished up, Double Fine Productions jumped right into their Day of the Devs showcase, which highlights indie titles and gives developers a stage to tell the world about their games. This is not only exciting because indie games are rad but it’s also really good because it’s so easy to get lost in an ocean of marketing for triple-A games. There are times I don’t know about indie games that released years earlier that I ended up loving. I just didn’t know about them. Double Fine has the indie community’s back though and tosses them the biggest megaphone they can to tell everyone what they’ve been working on.

Over fifteen games were shown off, with a few of them being premieres. Some games had already been announced but they were able to provide an update and remind everyone things are going well with development and their games will be coming soon. The info is all below and we’ve got the trailer for you too, if you want to see the game in motion.

Axiom Verge 2

Thomas Happ’s follow-up to Axiom Verge was announced back in 2019 but we were able to learn more about it. Thomas Happ narrates whiles gameplay is shown on-screen. Axiom Verge 2 looks like it’s going to be a great follow-up when it releases soon. Happ also said the game will also be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. PC and Nintendo Switch were the only platforms mentioned during the game’s original announcement. It’s good to see it get a bigger playerbase. There is currently no release date for Axiom Verge 2.


Toem is an adventure built around photos and it looks wonderful and warm. Developer Something We Made is really creating something special here, and not just in the visual style. The game features calm music, bus travel, and a mystery surrounding a magical toem. It’s releasing later this year on PC and you can wishlist it on Steam. There’s also a demo coming June 16th as part of Steam Next Fest.

Phantom Abyss

Phantom Abyss looks really rad. It has you running through procedurally generated environments you’d expect to see in Legends of the Hidden Temple while dodging traps and trying to stay alive. You only get one shot at beating levels too. If you fail then the level is over. Your main objective is to retrieve sacred relics hidden deep within the level. It also has massive asynchronous multiplayer which sounds really exciting. It’s almost capturing the battle royale spark but mixing it with adventure and puzzles. Phantom Abyss is coming to Steam and will be available as an ‘Early Access’ title later this month.

Garden Story

Garden Story is being developed by Picogram and features inventory management, exploration, and managing friendships. It feels like it’s got an Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley flavor but mixed into its own unique world and setting. The world and characters look so interesting. I can’t wait to get lost in this world when it releases Summer 2021 on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Soup Pot

Soup Pot is one of my most anticipated games. It’s a warm and relaxing cooking simulator with chill music, warm colors, and there’s no fail system in the game. This is to let players learn about cooking while also having a good time. The game contains over a hundred different recipes that are wrapped into a social media app in the game. It’s fun and immersive hub that gives you the sense of finding and getting the recipes. Recipes can be made in real life too so I’m about to learn all kinds of different recipes while also playing a chill video game. You should too when it releases later this year on Steam.

A Musical Story

A Musical Story takes a deep story but trades dialogue trees for gameplay in the form of playing and experiencing music. It looks super cool and like nothing I’ve ever seen. This is another one I’m looking forward to. The visuals look colorful and full of life and the music sounds really good. A Musical Story releases Summer 2021 on Steam, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox.


Vokabulantis is a stop-motion video game featuring full movement in a digital world. The game looks incredible and the visual style and what it took to create alone make it worth playing, but there’s also a really interesting story and detailed characters. The game is still several years away from release according to the developer but it looks like it’ll be more than worth the wait. Platforms have not been announced at this time.

Road 96

Road 96 was previously announced during Nintendo’s Indie World Stream earlier this year. It’s a procedurally generated road trip game with limitless outcomes and situations. It looks like it’ll be a trip to remember and then some when it releases on Nintendo Switch and Steam in Summer 2021.

The Wandering Village

The Wandering Village is a city management experience with a really unique twist: it takes place on the back of a giant wandering creature. There’s a symbiotic relationship that players will need to manage between the creature and the village.The Wandering Village is currently on track to be released as an ‘Early Access’ title on Steam later this year.


Unbeatable is an anime-inspired adventure game where music is illegal. It’s got vivid colors and has karate. Rhythm games are super rad and it’s cool to see more of them releasing. There’s exploration, secrets, and lots of cool characters. There’s no release date but there’s a demo available on Steam and itch.io.

Death’s Door

Death’s Door is a fantasy action-adventure where you play as a crow reaping the souls of the dead of the outside world. It has really slick-looking visuals and fast-paced combat. It also has a beautiful isometric camera angle that adds the perfect frame for the chaos below. Death’s Door is releasing on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Steam in Summer 2021.

Behind The Frame

Behind the Frame is a narrative-focused story game with visuals that look like they could be pulled straight out of a Studio Ghibli film. The game features puzzles and beautiful art set against the story of an artist working on the final piece for her gallery submission. It looks very relaxing and features a smooth soundtrack. Behind the Frame doesn’t have a release date. You can wishlist it on Steam to support the developer and to make sure you don’t miss any updates.

Elec Head

Elec Head is a puzzle platformer where play as a cute little robot trying to bring light into the world. It’s currently scheduled to release on Steam and itch.io this Summer.

Demolition Robots K.K.

Demolition Robots K.K. looks like a lot of fun. You control giant robots and destroy cities. It’s a multiplayer game and features Twitch stream support too. It’s coming to PC and consoles later this year but specific platforms were not announced.


I really, really like horror and low-poly horror with screen distortion is super cool. Seeing the game almost melt as it distorts almost makes it feel like a fever dream that you can’t escape. Walk looks terrifying and I can’t wait to play this. You play as a defenseless girl who is all alone and being pursued by this nightmarish creature. The developer said it’s inspired by games from the first PlayStation and it shows. Walk looks so good and I cannot wait to back this on Kickstarter later this year. There’s no release date yet but I’ll never forgive myself if the Kickstart isn’t successful. I am not going to be quiet about this game until it’s successfully funded. I will let Retroware readers and my nextdoor neighbors know as soon as the Kickstarter is alive.

Moonglow Bay

Moonglow Bay is a slice-of-life simulator with fishing and mystical monsters set in 1980s Canada. It looks delightful and mysterious. It’s releasing later this year on Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It’ll also be in Xbox Game Pass as well, according to the end of the trailer. It doesn’t say for sure if it’ll be available in Game Pass at launch but that is my assumption.

Loot River

Loot River looks super rad. It combined action-packed roguelike elements that blend with exploration and puzzle elements as well. Miro Straka, who is one of the developers working on the game, described it as a mashup of Tetris and Diablo. Loot River is currently set to release for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam but there is currently no release date.


Despelote is a narrative-focused experience set in Ecuador in 2002, which was during its first qualifying run to host the World Cup. The visual style is really cool. It looks like it’s more about the stories surrounding the interest of soccer so it will probably appeal to people who aren’t into sports. There is no release date yet and platforms have not been confirmed.

Last Stop

Last Stop is a single-player adventure that takes place in London. The game features three different characters who have an interweaving story with a supernatural twist. It was announced during Nintendo’s Indie World Stream but it was just a glimpse. Last Stop is set to release July 2021 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Steam.

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals

And finally, we got another look at Oxenfree II: Lost Signals which was also teased during Nintendo’s Indie World Stream, but we got to see a little bit more of it. It looks stunning and I personally can’t wait to play it. If you haven’t played the first game yet then I can’t recommend it enough. It’s one of the few games I’ve purchased on every single available platform to support the developer because of how much I loved the game. Go play it! It’s on everything, including mobile and Switch! The sequel is set to release later this year on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

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