Warping Familiar Concepts and Collecting Puke in Death Trash

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Tan Montana
By Tan Montana on June 23rd, 2021


Developer Crafting Legend’s Death Trash sets the stage for the truly nasty apocalyptic RPG many of us have been anticipating. Saying the game is nasty is simply an understatement. You will use your own vomit to lubricate a broken door in the tutorial zone before you even crest the flesh-ridden apocalypse. That’s kind of the whole game’s thing.

What is Death Trash?

Death Trash is Berlin-based studio Crafting Legend’s first game, and it is steeped in fascinated inspiration and style. The RPG elements and comparisons to the early Fallout games are cited and authentic inspirations that you need only play the demo to see. Oh, hey, you should also go check out the demo if you’ve read this far and are into it.

Familiar Inspirations

While you would expect the flesh piled rust machines at a quick glance at the title, there are other sneaking inspirations in enemy and map design. The machines look like something out of The Matrix; for the brief moments, you see them anyway. The world they inhabit is the typical post-apocalyptic pile of hot, stinking, rust ridden trash that this genre has made itself at home at, just with a lot more meat. This game is covered in flesh, and some of it talks and fights back. The name Death Trash is pretty considerate of the game’s direction.

Actually, playing the demo, I was once again drawn back to the comparison of the original Fallout games. Things move and feel a lot like them, with maybe a bit more franticness and action orientation on the actual combat moments. It’s also a relatively challenging game, and I found myself dying to the starter enemies a couple of times trying to get the hang of my dodge-baseball bat combo. Not exactly a bad thing, but the game isn’t finished yet, and there’s a bit of getting used to something there. I’m confident there will be more polish to some of the core aspects of the game as the release date (August 5, 2021) draws near.

Six Years in the making

Death Trash is another indie title that feels ambitious for a studio’s first commercial game, but that isn’t bad. Judging by the already several updates to the demo and incremental communication between the devs and their community, there’s a level of confidence I have in Crafting Legend’s direction as a studio. It’s more and more impressive to see independent studios bring to life games that sit right aside some of the larger industry projects, and often with a distinct identity of their own.

Six years in the making and astronomically gross and impressive Death Trash is a testament to the power of weird ideas, constructively familiar concepts, and dedication. I’m very excited to see more.

Death Trash is available to try here. The full game releases on August 5, 2021. Catch you at the Puke Bar then.

Tan is a Tabletop RPG writer with a deep love for give-'em-a-chance indie games and music made on a ten-year-old laptop in Audacity. They drink their seltzer warm.


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