Gamescom 2021: Indie Arena Booth’s Virtual Event Will Be A Full MMO Experience

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By Billy Givens on July 29th, 2021


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Gamescom 2021 will once again be an all-digital event, offering a free-to-access platform for all gaming fans to easily learn more about the upcoming games they’re most excited to play. There will be plenty of incredible ways for players to engage with the industry, but the Indie Arena Booth might be one of the most innovative you’ve ever seen.

Indie Arena Booth is stepping things up quite a lot by providing a full MMO experience for people around the world to join and explore. Known as Summercamp of Doom, the game will let players create an avatar before setting out to navigate a full-blown camp with 120 virtual developer booths and tons of exclusive game demos. Additionally, virtual event creators Super Crowd have promised storylines, quests, and a leveling system, so there should be plenty to keep everyone busy.

Judging by the brief snippets in the trailer below, you can expected a colorful visual style and a variety of customization, ensuring Summercamp of Doom may very well become one of gaming’s coolest virtual events ever. But if you’re not interested in that aspect of Gamescom, you’ll still be able to watch some of the many streams that will be showcasing upcoming indie titles, or you’ll be free to take a look at the Steam event page for playable demos and discounts.

Gamescom runs from August 25 – August 29. Again, entrance to the event is not gated behind a paywall, so if you enjoy video games and want to check out what’s coming soon, all you’ve got to do is show up. It sounds like it’s going to be a blast, so maybe go ahead and get your work excuse planned out. No one’s judging you.

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