Aragami 2 Now Available Digitally, Physical Copies to Release Next Week

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By Billy Givens on September 17th, 2021


Lince Works have released their stealth-action title Aragami 2 digitally on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC today. Physical versions of the game for consoles will launch on September 21.

Aragami 2 casts players as Kurai, a reborn hero who must fight to cure his clan of a curse. Like the 2016 original, this follow-up is a largely stealth-based adventure with relatively open locations that give players the ability to slink around in the shadows and strategically take enemies down one by one with brutal executions. In a change from the first game, though, the sequel now features a full-blown melee combat system that function similarly to a Soulslike title, granting you the opportunity to attack, defend, and dodge their way out of tough situations once your cover is blown.

Aragami 2 can be tackled solo or with up to two other friends for some deadly co-op mayhem. The game offers a large variety of cool options, too, letting you choose to focus on your stealth or melee playstyles, take advantage of a host of unique and compelling abilities and shadow powers, and even customize your weapon and armor.

Whether you played and enjoyed the original Aragami, or you just love stealth-based ninja games like Tenchu, you’ll likely find something to love about Aragami 2. It appears to be a much more polished and fleshed-out experience than the original, and at only $39.99, it’s quite a steal. Pick it up digitally today on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, or PC, or give it a few days and grab a physical console version for the same price.

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