Unusual Indie Eastward Hits Switch and PC Next Month

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By Billy Givens on August 18th, 2021


Pixpil and Chucklefish’s quirky new game Eastward is setting its sights on next month. The game will be available on September 16 for Nintendo Switch and PC.

Eastward is a 2D action-RPG set during a time when society is collapsing due to a deadly miasma. With the human population rapidly dwindling, players take up the roles of John and Sam on an adventure to discover what’s really happening to the world. John is a miner, while Sam is a young girl with kinetic powers and, uh, a frying pan. But together, they work to solve puzzles with their individual abilities via dual character control, allowing the game to present a variety of cool and interesting scenarios.

The game promises an equally emotional and unconventional story full of intriguing characters, strange monsters, and sprawling cities to explore. Its pixel art grants it a very retro feel, too, but its fast-paced and frenetic gameplay indicates it’ll feel anything but old. Additionally, it features a soundtrack composed by Joel Corelitz, who has previously produced beautiful scores for games like Death Stranding and The Unfinished Swan, so you should definitely expect some really great music along the journey.

Eastward will cost $24.99, but if you pre-order it ahead of its September 16 release date, you can score an extra 10% off of the price, bringing it down to an even cheaper $22.49. This pre-release deal is live as of right now on both the Nintendo eShop and Steam, so act fast if this one is on your radar.

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