New Trailer Released for Survival Horror RPG Chernobylite Ahead of September Release

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By Juno Stump on September 6th, 2021


Chernobylite is an upcoming survival horror RPG from developer The Farm 51 and publisher All in! Games. A new trailer was shown at Gamescom (below) that focuses on the protagonist Igor’s fiancee and their mysterious disappearance.

Tatyana disappeared under mysterious circumstances thirty years ago and is the reason Igor comes back to Exclusion Zone. Igor was warned not to come back, but he decides to anyway. He is unable to ignore Tatyana, who is haunting him in his dreams and trying to lure him back to Chernobyl. She’s tied to it in his mind since it was where he last saw her. Even though it was decades earlier, he can’t stop thinking about how she might be alive and waiting for him.

Play as a former employee of the Chernobyl Power Plant

Players can brave the horrors and mysteries of Chernobyl and discover Tatyana’s fate when Chernobylite releases later this month. Igor will need to survive the many dangers that are waiting for him in the Exclusion Zone. Hostile military forces, supernatural creatures, and other threats are waiting in the harsh and unforgiving wasteland of Chernobyl.

Chernobylite is a science-fiction survival horror RPG that’s set within a “hyper-realistic” wasteland of Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone. The game’s environments have even been 3D scanned, which should provide an extra level of fear and authenticity to the experience. The story features conspiracies, mysteries, horror, love, and fear throughout the thrilling adventure.

Players can also expect to manage different resources needed for survival. Supplies will also need to be provided to team members. You can also assign them tasks, which can make the journey a little more bearable for everyone. If you treat them well then your chances of success will increase, and you can unlock some good rewards as well.

Face supernatural creatures and threats

Chernobylite also features stealth sequences. Successfully navigating through areas can make the journey easier and help you save supplies for later. Stealth takedowns and open-armed combat can also be used, which will make it easier to stay quiet and avoid being detected. Danger’s around every corner but with enough caution, hesitation, and patience, you might just make it through.

Chernobylite is scheduled to release on September 28th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which is just in time for the horror season. Halloween is just around the corner and exploring the horrors of Chernobyl sounds like a great way to scare in the fall season. Chernobylite is already available on Steam and GOG if PC is your preferred platform or you don’t want to wait. It’s received quite a bit of praise and looks like it will be worth the wait for console players.

You can find more information about Chernobylite via the official WebsiteSteamFacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube, and Discord.

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