Dream Cycle Now In Early Access

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By Billy Givens on September 8th, 2021


The ambitious new title Dream Cycle entered early access yesterday, marking the the first release from Cathuria Games, an independent studio founded by Lara Croft and Tomb Raider creator Toby Gard.

In Dream Cycle, main character and arcane apprentice Morgan Carter will venture into a space known as the Dreamlands in order to help purge the world of corruption and recover her magical powers, which have been stolen by her great-great-grand-uncle. But unlike standard action-adventure games, Dream Cycle aims to reinvent the entire genre by providing players with nearly infinite randomly generated tales within this magical new world.

Even with the early access release only granting players a single location to explore, Cathuria Games promises over 10,000 adventures are already available. They’re hoping for significant feedback from those who pick up the game early so that they can continue to perfect the genre-defining gameplay and open-ended adventuring. Gard hopes for the title to act as “the foundation of a journey into the endless unknown, an ever-growing portal into adventure.”

As for now, the game’s early access period provides a look at the intro and opening section of the main story, with current adventures that should typically take players between 10-30 minutes to complete. There are a variety of perks, weapons, and spells for players to try out as they set out on their journey, as well as a wide collection of procedurally generated bosses.

If you’re interested in checking out Dream Cycle during its early access period, you can pick it up for $19.99 right now. The team hasn’t made any promises regarding when the game will leave early access, though, with their rough estimate coming in at “at least a year, but it could be longer.

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