Toby Fox Reveals Deltarune Chapter 2 Gameplay and Release Date

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By Billy Givens on September 15th, 2021


During a stream celebrating the 6th anniversary of Toby Fox’s immensely popular role-playing game Undertale, the developer finally shared the first glimpse at Deltarune Chapter 2. Even more, the game received an unexpected release date announcement, shocking fans everywhere with the news that it’s launching this Friday, September 17 at 8pm EST.

The stream included three Fangamer dads playing through Deltarune Chapter 1 before giving us a world premiere look at gameplay from the long-awaited second chapter. Only a few minutes of this next entry were shown off, but it was enough to send the stream’s chat into an utter frenzy.

You can watch the full stream below, or skip to the last twenty minutes to see the exciting reveal:

Deltarune is the follow-up to Undertale, taking place within an alternate dimension and featuring some familiar faces alongside a new cast of characters. In the game’s FAQ, the beloved developer refuses to consider the game a true sequel, choosing to instead refer to it as “just a game you can play after you complete Undertale, if you want to.” He goes on to state that “It’s a different world that might even have different rules. That doesn’t mean there will be no connections at all though.”

The first chapter of Deltarune was released for free in October of 2018 for PC and then on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in February 2019. So it’s clearly been a while since we’ve had a chance to revisit the Dark World with main character Kris and friends but that long wait seems to finally be coming to an end. Get ready to download Deltarune Chapter 2 this Friday and settle in for a fun weekend.

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