I Am Fish Splashes Onto Xbox and PC Today

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By Billy Givens on September 16th, 2021


Bossa Studios’ quirky action-platformer I Am Fish is now available to download on Xbox and PC.

It might seem odd to imagine that games like Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread are part of a shared universe, but they are, and now I Am Fish has now joined them with its mix of adorable visuals and physics-based gameplay that tasks you with navigating a deadly world as four different fish out of water. As you desperately attempt to get them to the sea, you’ll navigate everything from night clubs to factories to even perilous city streets full of moving cars, and you may suffer some unexpectedly dark and brutal deaths along the way.

You can make use of your environment in a multitude of ways to help you on your journey back to the open ocean waters you so desire. You might find yourself moving about in a wheeled mop bucket one moment, or you could spend a while in a rolling glass jar as you delicately maneuver across rooftops in hopes that you don’t end up splattered on the streets below. However, whatever the obstacles in your way and regardless of how many times you find yourself dead by them, it should all provide plenty of laughs.

If I Am Fish is up your alley, you’ve got a few options for playing it. You can always pick it up digitally on Xbox or Steam for the perfectly reasonable price of $19.99, but it’s also worth noting that it’s available on Xbox Game Pass right out of the gate. If you’ve got a subscription to Microsoft’s popular game service, you can dive in right now at no additional cost. There’s nothing fishy about that.

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