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By Juno Stump on November 26th, 2021


It’s finally time for more indie games that are made by cool human beings and sitting atop the lovely, digital shelves of

If you’re unfamiliar with, it’s an indie-fueled website that allows users to sell and download games, but with a bigger focus on smaller creators than other PC platforms, such as Steam and Epic Games.

Passion Projects from People

It’s a popular indie platform for several reasons; it allows developers to utilize a ‘pay what you want’ model, which makes it easier to try out games. also takes much less revenue from sales so it’s the best place to buy games if you want to support developers the most with your game purchases. It’s a great community and a rad place to discover unique experiences as a result.

As the industry gets simultaneously larger and smaller due to acquisitions and the continued corporate consolidation of the video game industry, it becomes increasingly more important to shine a light on what people and smaller devs are creating.

Here are a few titles available on that should interest you or someone you know (always spread the word of indies):


The Zone is a mysterious area that’s off-limits, but it also contains a magical room that’s rumored to grant the deepest wishes of those who find it. The truth and mystery are for you and a friend to discover in Navigator, a tabletop RPG built for two.

In Navigator players will either play as The Client or The Navigator, both of which have a difficult and important role to play. The Client is the individual seeking the room hidden within the zone. The Navigator has been to the room before but isn’t going this time. Instead, they’ve been hired to use their knowledge to guide the Client towards fulfilling their wishes.

Navigator is unique and special in how it’s played too. Players will need a deck of cards, paper, something to write with, and a friend to experience this unique Game Jam title.

Navigator is available for $2.00. Don’t miss the other titles available from developer Michael Klamerus either. They have created countless games that are deserving of attention and your video game dollars.

Do I Know You?

Do I Know You? contains a strange labyrinth with hidden rules. The game gives you a simple but also horrifying task: make it out alive. The visuals alone make this worth a look — unless you’re not into spooky games.

The game is as horrifying as it is interesting. It’s also a shorter experience, which automatically makes it a cool game. Short games are good and the industry should give a crown to every single game that’s less than ten hours.

Do I Know You? is available for free, which means you should donate what you think is fair and can afford. I’ve never been upset about receiving ten dollars so that’s where I usually start. Indie devs know what it’s like to live in this world though so just give what you can <3


Heartfire rules so you have to check it out. It’s a new law I just made up but it’s real.

You play as Saffi, a lesbian, hyperspace dragon. Her partner, Eleza, has been taken to the far side of space by The Venture. Fly, burn, and blast your way through colorful visuals and waves of enemies through space in Heartfire. I’m still playing through this and haven’t stopped, which is rarely possible in this line of work.

Heartfire is set at the ‘name your own price’ tier but seriously, this is a super rad game. It’s absolutely worth at least six Black Bean Crunchwrap Supremes.

I Just Want to Remember

This is a text-based story that’s about loving and forgetting. I Just Want to Remember is about a person with object constancy issues experiencing emotional dysregulation through three different situations.

There is a content warning from the developer that I’d like to include below, as well as an ’18+’ warning before the game’s page will load. I Just Want to Remember is an intense and moving game that you should definitely play if you can, but please remember to take note of the content warning and protect yourself.

From the store page: “Content warning: nothing particularly distressing occurs in the game, but it does contain scenes of an intensely emotional nature that some people may find upsetting. Please take care when playing.”

Like the previous two games, I Just Want to Remember is free but please support the developer if you’re able to with whatever you think is fair.

Juno really likes video games. Horror is their favorite but she also likes other stuff.


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