1 Minute Platinum: The Pig D Requires You To Hold Down One Button

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By Billy Givens on November 26th, 2021


In a day and age when PlayStation trophies are a major focal point in gaming, it’s no surprise to see companies capitalize on the addicting nature of earning them. There are a wide variety of cheap titles on the market designed strictly to provide an almost effortless platinum trophy to pad out the collections of hardcore enthusiasts.

For instance, a game like I Am Mayo โ€“ wherein players simply tap a button and select a few things from a menu to earn a platinum in under an hour โ€“ has long since become a staple in many players’ trophy sets. Meanwhile, developer Breakthrough Gaming LLC puts out simple Atari-esque titles on a weekly basis that can be fully completed in a few short minutes for a shiny new platinum trophy. Hell, Gleylancer can play itself to full completion within about an hour after messing with its settings a bit.

However, a new game PlayStation consoles may have earned itself a place among the easiest and most effortless platinum trophies ever created. The Pig D from Webnetic s.r.o. isn’t just ridiculously simple โ€“ it nearly plays itself. Instead of requiring any meaningful input into the game, players can merely hold a single button down to unlock every trophy in the game within about a minute or so.

The premise of The Pig D is that you’re simply dropping an endless amount of coins into a piggy bank. With each new amount reached, you’re awarded a trophy. When you reach 9500 coins dropped into the slot, you snag a brand new platinum for your collection. To drop the coins in, all you have to do is hold down R1 for a brief period of time. Now you can watch the number on the screen rise as an onslaught of trophies rapidly pop โ€“ including quite a few gold trophies, too.

It’s ridiculous, but for those seeking out easy platinum trophies, The Pig D may be among the easiest โ€“ if not the easiest โ€“ of all time. If that’s your thing, the game is available right now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 for $1.49.

Billy will always claim he didn't intentionally get the platinum trophy in Snoopy's Grand Adventure, but he's lying.


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