ICYMI: Tails of Iron Available On All Major Platforms

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By Billy Givens on September 26th, 2021


Developer Odd Bug Studio launched their brutal Soulslike title Tails of Iron on all major platforms on September 17.

Tails of Iron is a visually arresting game featuring a gorgeous hand-drawn art style, but you may not have much time to stop and admire it when you’re getting your butt kicked. This challenging action-RPG is determined to present players with everything for which the Soulslike genre is known and loved, and it does so while providing an unexpectedly immersive story about Redgi the Rat and his quest to take back his kingdom from a ruthless Frog Clan. If anthropomorphic animals and overcoming adversity tickles your fancy, this one’s for you.

Tails of Iron grants you all of the normal Soulslike moves such as parrying, dodge rolling, and more as you fight your way through the 2D world that consists of six biomes and a variety of secret paths to unveil. You’ll tackle hulking bosses, take on multiple side-quests, and discover hidden blueprints that will let you forge extremely powerful weapons to help you throughout your adventure.

If you’d like to grab Tails of Iron and give it a go for yourself, you can get it digitally right now for $24.99 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Should you prefer a physical version, though, you can snag the Crimson Knight Edition on all the aforementioned platforms except PC for an increased price of $39.99, which also earns you an additional 3 armor skins, 3 weapon skins, 3 shield skins, and 3 helmet skins.

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