Meditative Puzzler Bonfire Peaks Available Now

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By Billy Givens on September 30th, 2021


Draknek and Friends’ thoughtful puzzler Bonfire Peaks is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Bonfire Peaks asks you to make your way up a tall and mysterious ruin as you burn your belongings at individual bonfires along the way, each presenting you with a puzzle to solve in order to do so. The vague story is told entirely through the environment, allowing you to piece together your own conclusions โ€“ but the story isn’t really the focal point to begin with, as this unique voxel-art title is all about those equally relaxing and challenging puzzles.

Puzzles in Bonfire Peaks largely focus on moving and stacking boxes to create paths to the bonfire where you’ll ultimately burn a box of your belongings, but doing so isn’t always as easy as it looks. The game requires you to really examine the environment and the ways in which you can manipulate it, and puzzles that appear easy to solve at a glance may prove much trickier than you ever expected. This highlights the cleverness of the game, though, as you may also find that you overthink puzzles that initially look complex but are actually extremely easy to solve.

You can see what we thought in our review of Bonfire Peaks, or if you’re on Switch or Steam, you can try a demo for the game before making a decision. If you’re already sold on it, or you enjoy your time with the demo, you can download and play the full version right now on PS4, PS5, Switch, and PC for $19.99.

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