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By Juno Stump on October 6th, 2021


Hey there, good news for you! You’re reading Volume 5 of Indie Itch, our newsletter that covers unique, interesting, and just random games available on If you’re unfamiliar with, it’s an indie-fueled website that allows users to sell and download games.

It’s a popular indie platform for several reasons; it allows developers to utilize a ‘pay what you want’ model, which makes it easier to try out games. also takes much less revenue from sales so it’s the best place to buy games if you want to support developers the most with your game purchases. It’s a great community and a rad place to discover unique experiences as a result.

As the industry gets simultaneously larger and smaller due to acquisitions and the continued corporate consolidation of the video game industry, it becomes increasingly more important to shine a light on what people and smaller devs are creating.

Independent Innovation

One of the special things about indie games is they aren’t made with everyone in mind. Instead, each game is often made with a specific audience and/or purpose in mind. As a result, they’re often able to be a bit more experimental in ways that might turn off some, but drive others to obsession. There have been more than a few games that I’ve played by independent developers that have stuck with me way more than the biggest budget titles.

Here are a few titles available on that may interest you or someone you know:

Note: Some titles are free and don’t require a purchase to play. These titles often allow players to pick their price. It’d rad to support developers with what you think is fair and can comfortably afford if you enjoy a game. It takes a lot of work to make video games and each game is made by human beings. I also include demos of projects that are interesting and/or promising. Sometimes demos only become games with community support and feedback!

Symphony of Seven Souls

Symphony of Seven Souls feels a lot different than a lot of other scary games in that in some instances it has you seeking out the things that in other games you’d want to stay well away from. In the game, you play as a struggling artist that’s searching the streets for any willing undead interested in joining you to help write the Symphony of Seven Souls. The game offers three visual versions, ranging from artistic low-poly visuals, to those that closely mimic the style of the PSX. Ths game’s atmosphere is fantastic, doing a lot with color and shadow to build its tension.

Cost: Name your own price

Last Dream

Experience surreal and paranormal events in Last Dream, which takes place during the end of someone’s life. The character is in the final stages of death and going through weird and mysterious dreams as a result. Last Dream features puzzles and exploration in some weird and spooky environments. Like many indie games of this sort, the controls are simple, but the atmosphere, and sheer dedication to its premise really make it shine.

Cost: Name your own price

What Happened at the Farm?

What Happened at the Farm? is a first-person horror experience that puts you in a tense position immediately. You play as a character that stopped at a remote farm to ask for gas. Your car ran out, and you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere, isolated and vulnerable.

Things quickly escalate while searching at the farm and it’s worth knowing exactly what happened at the farm if you’re not too scared. This game does a lot with its lighting, using it to great effect to ensure that you never fully feel like you have a handle on your surroundings.

Cost: Name your own price

Is Anyone There?

Help guide someone to safety in the woods from a watchtower. Is Anyone There? is creepy and features a lot of depth, especially considering it was made during a 48-hour game jam. It even features voice acting! This game’s quite a bit different than the other games as a result of its short development time, but it is still worth checking out.

Cost: Name your own price

That’s all for now, but keep your eyes peeled, as we’ll be back soon with even more games to show off!

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