Damn Dolls Gets Spooky On Switch Today

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By Billy Givens on October 11th, 2021


QUByte Interactive has released their spooky first-person title Damn Dolls today on Nintendo Switch.

Just in time for Halloween, Damn Dolls is an exploration-based horror game set in an abandoned mansion in a creepy forest. As a character named Suzi, you’ll walk around each room seeking out your missing friend Ana, who was said to be last seen near the massive house. Since word has it that the previous home owner was killed by local residents after enduring accusations that he kidnapped and killed a young girl, it’s clear that there is some haunted history to the house.

As you navigate Suzi throughout the haunted house, you’ll quickly find that there are plenty of presences there that aren’t particularly keen on your intrusion. In other words, you can expect consistent jump scares and unnerving visuals as you encounter possessed dolls and disgusting creatures. When you’re not finding weapons to deal with them, however, you’ll be solving puzzles to aid you in opening new paths through the home.

If you’re wanting some jump scares heading into the spookiest holiday, Damn Dolls might be for you, so you can pick it up today on Switch. But if you’d rather play the game on your PC, it also released on Steam back in April, so you can pick it up there right away.

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