Management Sim Let’s Build A Zoo Launches On Steam Tomorrow

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By Billy Givens on November 4th, 2021


Springloaded Games’ zoo management sim Let’s Build A Zoo will launch on PC via Steam tomorrow, November 5.

Let’s Build A Zoo gives you the reigns of an animal sanctuary where you’ll be able to work diligently to keep your guests happy. It can be played casually, or you can dive into the game’s many deeper mechanics and simulation systems to decide what you’d like to focus on achieving โ€“ be it farming, going green, stopping animal extinction, or any other number of meaningful choices.

As a matter of fact, player choice plays a major role in this massively detailed title. For instance, a morality system allows you to decide whether to treat your animals with dignity and respect or make use of them in nefarious ways, such as making money through factory farming. Meanwhile, you can also splice animals together to make upwards of 300,000 different types of hybrid creatures that are truly bizarre to gaze upon. Once you’ve seen a crocoduck, you can never unsee it.

You’ll be able to pick up Let’s Build A Zoo tomorrow on Steam for $19.99. It’s worth pointing out that the game’s publisher No More Robots has brought a variety of other popular games to Steam and other platforms over the past few years, too, such as Nowhere Prophet and Descenders. You can check out everything the company has to offer on its Steam page.

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