Sci-Fi Adventure The Gunk Releases On Xbox And PC Next Month

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By Billy Givens on November 21st, 2021


Thunderful’s exciting new action-adventure title The Gunk is landing on Xbox and PC on December 16.

The Gunk tells the story of two space haulers who comes across an untouched planet that has a bevy of life. Seeing an opportunity to make some solid cash, the duo works together to collect a variety of flora and other resources. But soon enough, they discover hints of a shattered civilization, and they’re quickly thrust into an adventure to save the planet from a corrupted parasite – which, as you can probably guess, is the titular gunk.

The Gunk will be available for Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, and PC when it launches in the middle of next month. Even better, though, it will be available day one on Game Pass, making it a must-download for subscribers looking for an enjoyable action-adventure romp through an impressively-detailed alien world.

In other news from Thunderful, the SteamWorld franchise is moving in new directions with the announcement of SteamWorld Headhunter. It will be a 3D action-adventure, too, which is a drastic departure for a series known for its compelling 2D world. Either way, it sounds like the prolific publisher is doing great things over the next year or two, so keep it tuned here for more updates on their upcoming titles.

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