Moss: Book II Will Release In Spring 2022

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By Billy Givens on December 5th, 2021


Polyarc’s highly-anticipated sequel Moss: Book II will release in Spring 2022.

Moss: Book II will be a VR-only game just like its predecessor. It will expand further on main character Quill’s story, taking the little mouse to new locations and pitting her against fresh enemies and dangers. Most notably, she’ll have to make her way through a hexed castle where she’ll meet allies, foes, and everything in between on her journey to take down a winged tyrant.

Polyarc has previously promised that Moss: Book II will bring with it plenty of ways for players to connect more closely with Quill. More direct interactions with her and expanded puzzle mechanics should provide exactly that, and the developers’ focus on making the game much larger and more in-depth than the original should also ensure there’s no shortage of cool ideas for this intriguing VR follow-up.

Polyarc hasn’t yet confirmed an exact release date for Moss: Book II, but you can expect to join Quill on her newest adventure at some point in early 2022 via PlayStation VR. Considering the game’s popularity and name recognition, there’s a possibility the release could coincide with PlayStation’s upcoming PlayStation VR 2 launch, but that’s purely speculation.

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