Arcade1Up Announces ‘Killer Instinct,’ ‘Mortal Kombat’ Machines at CES 2022

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By Thomas Wilde on January 6th, 2022


At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Arcade1Up announced several upcoming releases in its line of recreated arcade cabinets, including a new model that’s meant to deliver a “premium gaming experience.”

The original Arcade1Up cabinets are deliberate reproductions of the original arcade hardware at 75% of their original scale, featuring LCD flat-panel screens, wi-fi access for co-op gameplay and/or access to leaderboards, and custom-built emulators to run the games. This model of cabinet is now called the “Legacy Edition Line.”

The three new Legacy Edition cabinets Arcade1Up plans to offer are the Bandai Legacy – Pac-Mania Edition, Midway Legacy – Mortal Kombat 30th Anniversary Edition, and Atari Legacy – Centipede Edition, all coming at an unspecified point this spring.

All three are said to feature a total of 14 games in one package, although each lineup has yet to be announced. There are a couple of clues here and there—for example, Arcade1Up’s stock photos for the MK 30th Anniversary cabinet (below) all show it running what’s distinctly the arcade version of Mortal Kombat II—but it’s probably better to wait for official word here.

Additionally, Arcade1Up plans to debut a new type of arcade machine, the Pro Series, with a new Killer Instinct cabinet. While the Pro Series KI machine is still smaller than the arcade original, it’s a bigger model than the Legacy Editions, with a 19″ screen that provides a 5:4 aspect ratio, Suzohapp-brand buttons and joysticks, and upgraded speakers. It’s scheduled to come out this summer, and is planned as the first in a new line of cabinets that are aimed at a more hardcore audience.

A third new line of machines, Arcade1Up Jr., are lightweight cabinets intended for children. They stand 36″ tall, with simplified buttons, an oversized joystick, customized difficulty levels, and a matching stool. Two versions, Pac-Man and a Paw Patrol racing game, are available now for $299.99.

Arcade1Up also announced at CES that, since its launch in 2018, it’s sold almost 3 million of its various arcade machines, with 80% sales growth over the course of 2021.


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