Risk System Offers PlayStation Gamers A Unique Spin On Shoot-Em-Ups Very Soon

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By Billy Givens on January 7th, 2022


Hidden Trap and Newt Industries’ anime shoot-em-up title Risk System is headed to PlayStation 4 next Tuesday, January 11.

Risk System, which was originally released on PC and ported to Nintendo Switch last July, is a sci-fi side-scrolling shoot-em-up that offers a few unique twists on the classic formula. Rather than providing you with a massive selection of weapons to use against the onslaught of enemies, Risk System asks you to charge your attacks by getting as close as possible to your targets or taking damage from them. In other words, the more risks you take, the higher the potential reward.

Risk System otherwise presents the retro aesthetic and fast-paced horizontal gameplay that genre fans have come to adore. The game ensures that both aggressive and defensive players have options for the power they absorb from enemies, giving you the choice to use it for attacks or gain a shield. This means that you can focus on simply beating the level, or you can work extra hard to obtain high scores by killing everything in sight.

You’ll be able to snag Risk System on PlayStation 4 early next week for $9.99, and it will offer full backward compatibility support on PlayStation 5. Of course, you can also still buy the game on PC via Steam or the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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