The Crewmates of ‘Among Us’ Invade ‘Samurai Gunn 2’ on Dec. 16

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By Thomas Wilde on December 14th, 2021


The developers behind the fast-moving indie fighter Samurai Gunn 2 have announced that its next guest fighter will be the Crewmate, AKA the Bean, from Innersloth’s social deduction game Among Us.

The Crewmate will be added in an update to SG2 on December 16. They come alongside a new stage that’s made to resemble the Skeld, the spaceship in Among Us‘s first-ever map.

Like the previous indie guest fighters in SG2, Minit (Minit) and Ana (Spelunky 2), the Crewmate has special mechanics based on their home series. Unlike other characters, the Crewmate can use vents to quickly move across the level and throw trash as a projectile.

Most importantly, there’s an unspecified mechanic, based around “completing tasks,” that will allow the Crewmate to reveal its true identity as an alien Impostor. That lets the Impostor’s player go full murder mode, with new moves that include a very long-range tongue stab.

Samurai Gunn 2 debuted on Steam Early Access on July 20th, with plans for a Switch version in the future. It’s directed by Beau Blyth, the co-creator of the 2016 action-RPG Hyper Light Drifter, with a team that includes Nelson Boles, Doseone, Valentin Seiche, Evan Hemsley, Adam Robezzoli, and YellowAfterlife.

“Our whole team had a blast translating the Among Us vibe into the fast-paced Samurai Gunn style.” said Blyth in a press release. “The folks at Innersloth were so encouraging and fun to riff with, it made us want to pack everything we could into the Crewmate’s moveset and The Skeld arena.”

SG2 bills itself as “the fastest party fighter,” with simple controls, fast movement, and one-touch kills, as players wield swords and three bullets per life against one another. The Crewmate/Impostor is the ninth character in SG2‘s roster.


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