Roguelike Tunnel of Doom Burrows Onto Xbox and Switch Today

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By Billy Givens on December 23rd, 2021


Antti Vaihia’s top-down action roguelike Tunnel of Doom lands on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch today.

Tunnel of Doom, which initially launched on PC last month, is an action-packed title sporting a unique mixture of tower defense and standard melee and ranged combat. It places you in the shoes of a girl named Angel, who sets out to explore a monster-infested mine on her quest to rescue her husband. She’ll have to learn to be crafty, though, as the monsters won’t be cutting her any slack. In other words, you’ll need to master how to set traps and fend off invasions, or else you’ll be back at square one before you know it.

Tunnel of Doom is procedurally-generated, so no two runs are ever identical. You’ll need to arrange barricades and traps to keep attacking monsters at bay, gather tons of different resources that can be used as makeshift weapons or to create ammo, and upgrade a variety of perks to help you last longer against the hordes that seek to take you down. The game’s Dream Mode even offers an endless challenge for those seeking to see just how long they can outlast the evil within the mine.

You can snag Tunnel of Doom on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PC right now for $13.99. Of course, it’s also playable on Xbox Series S and X, so if you’ve been lucky enough to score one of Microsoft’s new-gen consoles, you’ll be all set there, too.

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