Zelda-Esque Adventure Tunic Finally Coming This March

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By Billy Givens on January 5th, 2022


Tunic Team and Finji’s Zelda-esque action title Tunic is finally nearing its release date of March 16.

Tunic was first announced way back in 2015 as “Secret Legend“, at the time being put together solo by Canadian developer Andrew Shouldice. In the years since, the game has been rebranded with its current name, and the team has grown a bit and adopted the name Tunic Team. The game was originally set for launch in 2018, but recent gameplay has shown that the extra time spent in development has drastically improved the look and feel of the colorful adventure.

Tunic follows a small fox protagonist who, as you might’ve guessed, wears a green tunic and journeys through a world not unlike that of a Zelda title. And also like Link in Nintendo’s beloved action-adventure games, our little adventurer must fend off deadly beasts, collect a plethora of items, solve some puzzles, and uncover secrets. It’s shaping up to be a cute and intriguing game that fans of the genre should no doubt keep on their radars moving into the next couple of months.

Tunic will be available in mid-March on Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, and PC. You can check out a demo of the game on Steam right now to see if this little fox’s adventure is one that you’re going to want to sign up for.

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