Global Shortages Delay Analogue Pocket

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Tan Montana
By Tan Montana on April 1st, 2021


The Analogue Pocket was announced in October of 2019, and preorders for the FPGA-based pocket device quickly filled up. The machine was designed by Analogue Inc. as a “tribute to portable gaming”. With HDMI mirroring support, a modern LCD display, and Bluetooth for wireless controllers, it’s safe to say it’s a very modern tribute with all the quality of life features we’d expect (and often don’t even get with other mainline portable consoles). Unfortunately for those who preordered there’s been a little trouble with the Pocket’s release, with first a delay related to Covid-19 global disruption and now more distribution issues.

“The current global state of affairs continues to create supply chain challenges outside of our control,”

Statement from Analogue

Economic Disruptions Delay Pocket

The second delay of the Pocket is unfortunately attributed to the global shortage of microchips due to interruptions in the supply chain, such as a boat that went sideways in a place it was not supposed to go sideways. 

This shortage is not just felt in the gaming industry, but several other sectors as well, and President Joe Biden is set to sign an executive order to develop a strategy that would help avoid future shortages. The supply chain’s current problem can be attributed to numerous difficulties and interruptions, such as the need for more resources to support at-home workers and former President Donald Trump’s trade wars with China. Regardless of other issues clearing up in trade ways, the lingering adverse effects of Trump’s trade wars have created ongoing friction between chip production companies and US buyers. All of the numerous issues attribute to the perfect storm that has created delays in everything from AMD’s GPUs and CPUs to the Analogue’s Pocket.

When to expect the Pocket

Analogue is also set to refresh its other out of supply aftermarket consoles such as the Super Nt and Mega Sg undoubtedly as soon as the same resources causing Pocket delays are available. 

Expect the Pocket to ship in October of 2021, according to a statement on Analogue’s website. As with most of these delays, the reality is that the issues are global, and no single company or distributor is at total fault. In the same statement, Analogue added, “We’re working hard to get Pocket out as fast as possible, and we appreciate your understanding and patience.” 

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