Street Fighter II: Champion Edition Micro Player Now Available

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By Billy Givens on April 21st, 2021


Street Fighter II: Champion Edition was only ever released in arcades, but My Arcade has announced that fans can get their hands on the game right now and play it in the comfort of their own home. The company’s Street Fighter II: Champion Edition Micro Player is now available at Target and specific online retailers for $49.99.

My Arcade partnered with Capcom to produce this 1/10th scale replica of the original Street Fighter II: Champion Edition arcade cabinet from way back in 1992. This little cabinet stands at 7.25” tall and offers a 3.5” backlit display, but although it’s tiny in stature, it backs the full original game inside. Players can even compete against one another with an include cable that allows for linking up two separate mini cabinets.

The following features have been highlighted for this mini arcade hardware:

  • Features original arcade version of Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
  • Artwork inspired by the original arcade cabinet
  • CO-VS technology to link two devices for competitive play
  • Mechanical joystick and action buttons
  • Powered with either 4 AA batteries or Micro-USB cable
  • Back-lit marquee and coin trap
  • Front facing speakers, volume control, and a 3.5mm headphone jack

If you’re a diehard fan of Street Fighter II or simply want to experience its arcade-only Champion Edition, this replica cabinet should make a nifty and functional collectible. For even more retro fun, be sure to check out My Arcade’s other nostalgic mini cabinets and more, too.

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