Highlights from the April 2021 [Virtual] Indie Game Testing Night

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By Stan Rezaee on May 3rd, 2021


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The April 2021 [Virtual] Indie Game Testing Night was the perfect opportunity for developers from around the Bay Area to showcase their work. The event took place on April 30th and was organized by the Indie Game Developers of Silicon Valley (via Discord).

[Virtual] Indie Game Testing Night saw a diverse collection of unique projects from ones inspired by classic works to those that offered a different experience. Some have been in development for a year while others were put together in a few months. This was an opportunity for the developers to showcase their work and get some feedback from players. It was also a chance to kickback and play some games in a social setting (while safe at home).

Showcased Games and Projects

Different rooms were set up in the Discord server that allowed developers to show case their work and for visitors to demo the them. With so many interesting selections and a limited amount of time, these are the games I got to check out:

Cooperative Chess is a unique take on the iconic game being developed by Adrian Marple. The goal of the game is trying to make a game of chess work. Players work at the same time to occupy the required squares (selected at random) in a certain number of moves. Once the squares are occupied, both players move to the next stage. If a player fails to occupy the square, it results in them being eliminated from the game. The game ends by either stalemate or whoever checkmates the other player. Marple is working to have the game brought to Early Access sometime in July. The goal is to launch it for the PC and mobile device sometime in 2021.

Super Slam Dunk Touchdown is a modern take on the classic sports games of the NES days. Players participate in a game that mixes elements of soccer, hockey, and football. The tournament pits teams with 3 players in a fast-paced match (with a season lasting 10 games). Prior to the star, players with pick their team and adjust their stats. After each game, players will shop the needed equipment along with the desired uniform and arena. To earn money, the team needs to attract more fans (which results in more ticket sales).

Crystal Slap is a party experience that combines the gameplay elements of a fighting game, board game and platformer. The game is broken down into a casual round or the more intensive championship mode. Currently between 2 to 4 players can battle it out but the goal is to allow 6 players in a match. There are also plans to allow players to practice with the computer. The game had been features during the last event and since then some of the major bugs have been fixed but more work needs to be done. The goals is still to release it sometime during the Summer Season.

Portable Emulator is a project that allows users to play classic games in a VR chat room with a handheld console (modeled after the Gameboy Advance). Powered by the RetroArch emulator, players will have access to a verity of classic games in the VR world. The demonstration featured a playthrough of Pokรฉmon Mystery Dungeon, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Hamtaro: Ham Ham Heartbreak.

A Night of Indie Games

The event is open to anyone who has a project to show or is a fan indie games. Anyone who missed out should plan to attend the next game test night. The Indie Game Developers of Silicon Valley will plan to host another event next month but no date has been set.

I'm a journalist and gamer from the Bay Area who has been writing about the medium for over five years.


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