Earthbound Spiritual Successor Oddventure Reached Its Kickstarter Goal In Just 5 Days

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By Billy Givens on May 12th, 2021


Developer Infamous Rabbit is celebrating the fact that their upcoming game Oddventure met its Kickstarter goal in only 5 days, surpassing the requested amount of $24,279 as of yesterday.

Oddventure casts players as a rebellious young girl named Charlie who must set off on an adventure to find her brother Bonzo. Taking place in the Kingdom of Luxia, this retro-inspired JRPG has all of the nostalgic charm, humor, and peculiarity of beloved hits like Earthbound and Undertale, both of which the developers have cited as major influences for the game.

Those who dive into Oddventure‘s unusual world will find plenty of unconventional gameplay and intriguing characters. Infamous Rabbit is promising a bevy of meaningful choices that will affect the flow of the journey, tons of hidden secrets, and no shortage of dark comedy to keep players laughing. They’ve even called the game “a life-changing experience.” Time will tell.

Having quickly surpassed their original goal, the team is now in the process of unveiling their stretch goals for the project. So far, the ones allowing for additional endings and extra enemies have been met, but there appears to be a single goal left. At the speed in which the campaign is gathering money, however, it wouldn’t be entirely unrealistic to see a few more be added before things wrap up, though Infamous Rabbit hasn’t commented on such speculation as of yet.

Oddventure will release on PC and Nintendo Switch upon completion, though it’s at least possible a future stretch goal could include ports to other consoles. An early demo of the game is already playable on Steam, but the full release isn’t planned until Q3 2022, so you have plenty of time to play Earthbound and get in the right mindset for this quirky title.

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