Indie Itch Newsletter – Volume 3

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By Juno Stump on May 31st, 2021


Great news! You’re reading Volume 3 of Indie Itch, our bi-weekly newsletter that covers unique, interesting, and special games available on If you’re unfamiliar with, it’s an indie-fueled website that allows users to sell and download games. It’s a popular indie platform for several reasons; it allows developers to utilize a ‘pay what you want’ model, which makes it easier to try out games. also takes much less revenue from sales so it’s the best place to buy games if you want to support developers the most with your game purchases. It’s a great community and a rad place to discover unique experiences as a result.

The previous volumes feature some pretty cool games that I’d recommend checking out if you haven’t yet but we’ve got some more rad titles in this week’s issue too. A lot of the titles on utilize the ‘pay as you want’ option for purchases but the games are typically so good that you’ll want to throw some money at the developer now or on your next payday if you can’t right now.


I really enjoy short experiences that can be completed in a single day or sitting. There’s no shortage of long games and so it’s always cool finding something short and sweet. Nextdoor is short but definitely not sweet. It’s a cinematic pixel-horror title that can be played on your computer or in-browser. It’s always cool when games can be played in a browser because you can play it as long as you have a computer, regardless of your PC’s hardware specifications. It’s a creepy game with beautiful pixel graphics that I’d recommend checking out if you’re a fan of horror, especially if you’re also a fan of Junji Ito, whose manga served as an inspiration for Nextdoor.

Lenna’s Inception

I love Lenna’s Inception and want more games like it. It’s very clearly a Legend of Zelda tribute in its style and design but it also has unique elements and twists on familiar ideas. There’s a kingdom to save and enemies to destroy but with procedurally generated elements and optional co-op wrapped around the Zelda aesthetic. The game can be played in two different graphical styles; one style is inspired by the NES era and the other style is like SNES graphics. The game features multiple endings, bosses, and more so you’ll need to finish it several times to see everything it has to offer. There’s also a daily challenge dungeon where you can showcase a GIF of your run on the game’s leaderboards, which is pretty cool and a feature I’d like to see in more games. Lenna’s Inception is available for $10 on and Steam.

Gaming Late at Night

Gaming Late at Night only takes a few minutes to finish but that doesn’t mean it isn’t scary or exciting. It’s a first-person horror experience where you’re going to grab a snack from the kitchen after playing games late into the night. It’s got a great atmosphere, especially considering it’s the first game from developer KaccoTime. I’ve finished it a few times and consider it to be a really underrated title in the horror space. It’s free to play with the option to throw money at the developer if you’d like to.

Hell of an Office

It’s hard to describe Hell of an Office without bringing up Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal. The game features fast-paced first-person platforming with dashes, rocket jumps, and hell-inspired vistas. There aren’t any guns or demonic combat but it’s even scarier than hell; you’re a frustrated office worker that’s running through dozens of levels while you try to escape the horrors of hell and the office. The full game isn’t out yet but it’s coming soon according to the game’s pages on and Steam. The free demo has forty plus levels and an energetic soundtrack. Check it out today so you’re ready when the full game drops.

Juno really likes video games. Horror is their favorite but she also likes other stuff.


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