Foodtruck Arena Brings Food-Based Car Combat To Nintendo Switch And PC Today

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By Billy Givens on July 2nd, 2021


Foodtruck Arena mixes together a love of food and some good old fashioned car combat today on Nintendo Switch and PC. Developer Cat-astrophe Games’ new title is about as quirky as it gets, but if you love similar games like Rocket League, it might just be up your alley.

Foodtruck Arena has players take control of, well, food trucks as they battle it out in a soccer-style arena to see which team can roll the most tomatoes, pumpkins, and more into the opponents’ goal. The game features a tournament mode for a straightforward single-player experience alongside a local multiplayer mode that lets you set your own rules and pick your own arenas. Sadly, there’s no online mode, but Steam users can make use of the platform’s remote play option to make do.

Like other games in the genre, you’re free to customize your food truck with a variety of cosmetic items to help set yourself apart from your friends. And it’s probably best to look different than your opponents so you can keep up with your truck when everyone starts using powerups like speed boosts, freezing attacks, and slippery tomato sauce traps.

Foodtruck Arena might not have fancy graphics or allow for online play, but if you’re looking to add another party game to your library for local showdowns with friends, you should find the game charming enough. If you’re not sure if it’s for you, though, you can always check out the demo on Steam before purchasing. Unfortunately, Switch owners don’t have the same luxury, and at its $15.99 asking price, the simplistic nature and lack of online features might make it a tough sell for some folks.

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