Limited Physical Copies of Dogworld Now Available on Switch

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By Billy Givens on October 28th, 2021


Action-platformer Dogworld has received a highly limited physical release on Nintendo Switch today via Super Rare Games.

As per usual with Super Rare Games releases, only a very small quantity of these physical copies will ever be made available – 3,000 to be exact. This rare print includes the full game on a physical cart, a full-color manual, cool interior artwork, trading cards, and a sticker. Whether you’re an existing fan of the game or someone just looking to pick up a neat platformer on Switch, this would no doubt be a great addition to just about any physical gaming collection.

For those uninitiated, Dogworld is a 1-bit indie title that takes place after an apocalyptic event on Earth forces humanity underground. You take control of a character that emerges to find that all of Earth’s inhabitants are now dogs – many of which can talk – and that he must now set off to take the planet back from a rogue AI named Daddy. The game is filled to the brim with all the jumping and shooting you could ask for as you navigate 2D Metroidvania-style environments, discover secrets, and fend off deadly bosses.

Due to the extremely limited amount of copies available, you’ll want to act fast for a physical copy of Dogworld today. Of course, if you’re not interested in grabbing it physically, or you’re simply too late and it’s all sold out, you can still buy it digitally on Switch or PC.

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