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By Juno Stump on July 26th, 2021


I covered Gigapocalpyse in an announcement piece a few months ago and now here I am playing it just a few months later. Time gets stranger each and every day. Gigapocalpyse is an Early Access title but that’s actually a good thing for fans of both giant monsters and destruction.

The game runs and plays just fine with no issues. The only thing that’s really unfinished about it is more content is going to be added over time. It won’t just be little tweaks or improvements either. This will also include more Gigas to play as and other goodies.

The game is currently priced a little lower and more content will be added, including some content in response to player feedback during the Early Access period. The game may not be finished yet but it sure plays like a finished game, which is nice. Early Access titles usually have bugs and other issues since they’re not finished yet. Gigapocalypse is just getting more cool stuff later. It already plays great and is just going to get better.

Giant monsters are cool

Gigapocalypse is like the games from the arcade days, where players would place a quarter on top of a cabinet to signal they get the next game. It’s similar to stuff like Rampage with the destroying everything part but there are also other extras that help Gigapocalypse stand apart from its destructive influences. Apart from standard levels, there are also mini-games where you clean up after your little monsters and interact with them. It’s fun to feed them and pick up their little dino droppings but it also increases the abilities and strength of the Kaijลซ inspired creatures.

There are already six different “Gigas” monsters to choose from with there being plans to add an additional three later. The creatures that are here are detailed and different. They feel like they have different personalities too, which is a good touch.

You can also unlock different attacks and even little minions that can fight and destroy everything with your Gigas, increasing the carnage and destruction even more. Playing through levels is fun. It’s easy controlling the Gigas while taking out cities and I really like the little interactions with Gigas in the mini-game menu too.

The soundtrack is super rad too. It’s a heavy metal-inspired soundtrack that amplifies the energy into the right space for destroying cities with giant Gigas. It’s super fun and really adds to the atmosphere. Gigapocalypse is already a really fun game. It’s fun chasing higher scores and getting unlocks. There’s also nothing more exciting than destroying everything onscreen, except maybe dinosaurs, which this game has! The game is already super fun and has lots of replay value and it’s not even technically finished yet.

I found myself replaying levels quickly regardless of how well I did because of how fun the game is to play. Even if I did really well, I still wanted to start up again immediately because it’s fun. The energy, the soundtrack, and the different attacks are all fun and exciting. I think this is the first time I’ve played a game that captures the energy of the Rampage series. Gigapocalypse not only carries the Rampage energy into the modern age of action games but it also innovates and adds to the formula with the Tamagotchi-style mini-games and other fun unlocks.

Gigapocalpyse is available on Steam right now in an Early Access state. The Steam page says the developer is expecting the game to be in Early Access for “2 months, depending on community feedback. Canโ€™t wait to launch the full version of the destruction mayhem!โ€

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