Sealed Copy of Super Mario Bros. Sells for Record-Breaking $2 Million

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By Billy Givens on August 7th, 2021


A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. for NES has sold for mind-blowing $2 million via collectibles website Rally.

Rally announced the news of the sale on Friday on the company’s official Twitter account, excitedly pointing out that the sale of the factory-sealed version of Super Mario Bros. broke the record for the most expensive video game ever sold. And that’s absolutely correct – the previous record was set just last month by a Heritage Auction sale of Super Mario 64, which sold for a whopping $1,560,000.

Most recent high-profile sales of this nature have take place at auction, but Rally uses an entirely different approach. The company makes purchases of sought-after collectibles – comics, video games, and even cars – before giving investors an opportunity to gain shares of the items. In the event that someone aims to purchase the item, those investors are asked to vote on whether to sell or decline the offer. If they vote to sell, they cash out their share and hopefully walk away a bit heavier in the pockets than when they first invested in the product.

As for this copy of Super Mario Bros., Rally purchased it for $140,000 in April of 2020, and investors had previously declined an offer of $300,000 at some point before the beginning of this year. The $2 million buyer, who has chosen to remain anonymous, won over 75% of the vote from investors this time around, earning him- or herself the game and setting a record that surely seems downright outrageous to the average collector.

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