Popular Roguelike Hades Joins the PlayStation and Xbox Families Today

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By Billy Givens on August 13th, 2021


After an immensely successful run on Nintendo Switch and PC, Supergiant Games’ award-winning rougelike Hades is finally available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S and X.

In addition to the added benefit of trophies and achievements, fans can expect some upgrades in the game’s move to these new ecosystems. The PS4 and Xbox One versions of Hades run at 1080p with a target 60fps, but those lucky enough to have gotten their hands on one of PlayStation or Xbox’s next-gen consoles can experience the game in all of its glory. These editions run at a gorgeous 4K resolution while still maintaining the goal of a steady and buttery 60fps. Of course, if you’d like to go ahead and grab the PS4 or Xbox One versions, upgrades to the newer platforms are completely free once you manage to find one.

PS5 owners also get to take advantage of a host of other features unique to the hardware thanks to the DualSense controller. Haptic feedback and adaptive trigger support, as always, helps bolster the sense of immersion. Meanwhile, the controller’s light bar matches the color scheme of whichever Olympian god you happen to be interacting with at the time – an unnecessary but undoubtedly cool little touch for those who appreciate quirky flourishes to their gaming experiences.

You can pick up Hades digitally on the respective PlayStation and Xbox storefronts, but it’s worth noting that the game has received physical copies today, too. These versions of the game include the disc, a download code for the Original Soundtrack from Darren Korb, a 32-page compendium booklet featuring artwork from Jen Zee. Collectors and diehard fans may also want to know that these first pressings are sporting a foil cover that won’t be available in the future, so act fast!

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