Photography Adventure TOEM Has A Fall Release In Focus

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By Billy Givens on August 17th, 2021


Swedish developer Something We Made’s upcoming photography adventure TOEM is shaping up to be a sincerely unique quest, and it’s coming to Nintendo Switch and PC later this year.

TOEM will be Something We Made’s debut title, but it may very well turn out to be the kind of game that puts the studio in the spotlight. In TOEM, you’ll use your photographic eye to assist a collection of quirky characters with their various problems. As you travel around talking to them and snapping photos with your camera to solve puzzles, you’ll be treated to a relaxing and stress-free journey meant only to put a smile on your face.

If you take a look at the new trailer for TOEM below, which debuted during the recent Indie World showcase from Nintendo, you may notice that it’s an entirely black and white game. This stylistic choice appears to serve the game well with distinct artwork that features bold, clean lines. As a matter of fact, the team has pulled things off so well that it’s almost hard to imagine any color in place of the monochrome aesthetic.

There seem to be a wide selection of locations to explore, too, each with their own set of goals to undertake and sights to see. It looks like they all take place in self-contained biomes, which will help to ensure that more casual players don’t get lost along the way to their objectives. Also, there’s an album option in the menu, so it appears there may be an easy way for photography enthusiasts to collect (and maybe sort) their many photos of this black and white wonderland.

Something We Made hasn’t announced a specific release date for TOEM yet, but they have shared that the goal is to launch the game sometime this fall. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys laid-back games with chill soundtracks, unique art styles, and clever gameplay mechanics, you’ll want to keep a close eye on this one as we head into the latter part of the year, as it’s very likely to be a hit well worth the wait.

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