OlliOlli World Hits the Half Pipe Early Next Month

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By Billy Givens on January 4th, 2022


Private Division and Roll7’s side-scrolling skateboarding adventure OlliOlli World is only about a month away now, landing on all major platforms on February 8.

OlliOlli World is the third entry in Roll7’s beloved OlliOlli franchise and provides a massive improvement to the visuals and gameplay design over its predecessors. Functioning as a skateboarding platformer, OlliOlli World asks you to skate and perform cool tricks across diverse and colorful biomes on a quest to find mystical skate gods. Featuring tons of quirky characters, plenty of customization, and branching paths through beautiful levels, there’s not a whole lot about OlliOlli World that doesn’t look fantastical and intriguing.

The standard edition of OlliOlli World will run you $29.99, but if you’re looking to get some extra goodies, the OlliOlli World Rad Edition has you covered at $44.99. The Rad Edition includes a “Close Encounter Skate Deck” alongside the full game and two future expansions that will bring new biomes, levels, characters, and customization options. The first of the duo will be titled “Void Riders” and will launch in the Summer of this year.

OlliOlli World will do a kickflip onto PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, Nintendo Switch, and PC early next month. The game is available to pre-order on all of the storefronts of the aforementioned platforms.

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