Blasphemous Receiving DLC This Year, Sequel In 2023

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By Billy Givens on August 30th, 2021


Gamescom saw plenty of high-profile announcements, and among them was a surprise reveal of a sequel to Team17 and The Game Kitchen’s 2D Soulslike title Blasphemous. Even more, the original game is receiving DLC on December 9 of this year, with the sequel picking up where it leaves off in 2023.

This new Blasphemous DLC is titled Wounds of Eventide, and it will act as a concluding chapter to the The Penitent One’s journey, featuring multiple new bosses to tackle, areas to explore, items to find, and the game’s “true ending”. The best news of all, however, is that you won’t have to come out of pocket to see how it all wraps up, as this final bit of content will be a completely free addition for everyone who already owns the base game.

Wounds of Eventide marks the third DLC for Blasphemous, following behind The Stir of Dawn and Strife & Ruin. For those that haven’t given the game a try, rest assured that these previous DLCs have added plenty to keep you busy for quite some time, including new story content and a New Game+ mode. Just like Wounds of Eventide, these expansions have always been free, too, so you can dive right in with just the base game. Pretty awesome.

As far as the sequel is concerned, not much has been shared besides the brief tease at the end of the Wounds of Eventide trailer, which you can watch above. With the game not launching until 2023, you’ve got quite a while to wait to see what the team is cooking up for you. In the meantime, Blasphemous is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, and Wounds of Eventide launches this December.

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