Black Book Has Already Sold Over 100K Copies

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By Billy Givens on August 31st, 2021


HypeTrain Digital and Morteshka have shared that their new game Black Book has sold over 100,000 copies since it originally launched for all major platforms a few weeks ago on August 10.

This is quite a feat for the Slavic folktale-inspired RPG, but it’s certainly not surprising judging by the game’s impressive 95% positive score on Steam. Black Book has received generally positive reception since release, with most outlets considering it a refreshing and unconventional experience very much worth the investment. In our review, Hayes Madsen called it “unique RPG that manages to weave a compelling story through a fantastic setting.”

For the uninitiated, Black Book tells the story of a young girl named Vasilisa who seeks the power of the titular book. She hopes to make use of the book’s magnificent secrets to revive a deceased loved one, but in order to do so, she’s forced to make her way through a dark and oppressive world and fend off mythological creatures in card-based battles.

Black Book offers around 25 hours of gameplay for most players across its 7 chapters. With a variety of interesting companions to find, over 150k words worth of dialogue to read for exposition, and tons of card battles to take on during your quest, you should find plenty to keep you busy in this 19th century tale. It’s available right now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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