Thymesia Brings Soulslike Punishment To PC This December

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By Billy Givens on September 1st, 2021


Team17 and OverBorder Studio finally revealed the release date for their upcoming Soulslike title Thymesia, promising to bring plenty of punishment exclusively to PC on December 7.

Thymesia takes place in a kingdom that once thrived on the power of alchemy, but when the true payoff of its use become known, all hell breaks loose. As a calamity befalls the land, it becomes up to a single man named Corvus to figure out how to save it. However, as players take on the role of this mysterious character, they’ll soon find that his memories have been lost, and the only way forward is to join him in diving deeper into his past in the quest to figure out a solution. The team promises multiple endings based on a variety of player choices, so few playthroughs will ever be identical.

Like any good Soulslike, Thymesia is a challenging experience full of deadly battles that require masterful dodges and strategic offensive maneuvers. However, it sets itself apart with some clever new features, such as how Corvus can take diseases from bosses and wield them himself. He can also turn into a raven, allowing him to throw his feathers like daggers and use brutal, satisfying executions to finish off his many enemies.

Thymesia launches this December on PC, and you can wishlist it on Steam right away. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an announcement made about the game on any for consoles. That being said, OverBorder Games has expressed appreciation for those hoping for a console release, so though they’re focused on the PC launch for now, perhaps enough interest could compel them to consider bringing the game to more platforms at some point in the future.

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