Dead Cells’ 25th Update Has Made the Game More Accessible for All Players

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By Billy Givens on September 21st, 2021


Released back in 2018, tough-as-nails rougelite Dead Cells no doubt turned off some players due to the very nature of the game โ€“ it certainly isn’t a cakewalk. However, its recent 25th update has brought new life to the game for more casual, easy-going players who want to experience everything the game has to offer with a little less of the challenge.

While certainly sparking even more “easy mode” debates, Dead Cells‘ 25th update has made a host of changes that make the 2D action title a bit more accessible for new and returning player alike. Granted, all of these new additions are optional, so purists or those seeking a good walloping can still enjoy the game in its original form by simply avoiding any of the new features.

For starters, the update brought with it a training room and a new world map. The former lets you battle any monster or boss you’ve come across thus far, giving you ample opportunity to hone your skills for future battles against those same foes, while the latter shows you all of the areas you’ve been to in previous runs so that you the ability to plan out the paths you want to take.

Meanwhile, a new Aspects feature allows you to pick a powerful boon at the beginning of every run to make it significantly easier for you. While this change certainly makes runs a bit less stressful, they don’t completely alleviate the inherent difficulty of the game. More importantly, they’re balanced with a cost โ€“ you won’t be able to earn new boss cells or unlock flawless boss achievements while having an Aspect equipped.

Whether you’re a new player hoping to ease your way into Dead Cells, or a returning player looking to make things a bit less daunting on some fresh runs, this 25th update provides just the right amount of accessibility without sacrificing the core of the experience. If you’re mad about these additions to the game, well, you’ll just have to be mad. Everyone else will be playing Dead Cells.

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