2D Sci-Fi Adventure Hidden Deep Enters Steam Early Access Next Month

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By Billy Givens on December 27th, 2021


Cogwheel Software’s sci-fi exploration title Hidden Deep will enter Steam Early Access on January 24.

Hidden Deep takes place in a mining and research facility located more than a mile beneath the ocean floor where a group of researchers have discovered something strange within and organized an expedition. However, 681 days after the expedition started, all contact with the team has ceased. Players must take on the role of the leader of the second team, make their way down to the depths, and unravel the mystery of what has happened.

Players can control individual crew members or command them to perform specific tasks, including using a variety of tools like grappling hooks, scanners, drones, and more. Of course, there is plenty of multi-directional shooting to engage with, too, as there is no shortage of alien life to encounter. Those looking to experience all of the exploratory gameplay with friends are in luck as well because the game supports local and online co-op.

Hidden Deep will enter early access late next month, so it won’t be too long before you can check it out. In the meantime, you can wishlist the game on Steam in preparation for its imminent launch.

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