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Mike DeVillar is a writer/editor that's stumbled his way into the games industry, as well as a lot of places he shouldn't be getting into in general.
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  • Dubbing Down in Yakuza

    The now legendary Yakuza franchise had some rough beginnings in the west. With an interesting localization propping it up, it became a cautionary tale on how an otherwise great game can be brought down by mishandled localization.

    Going Rogue in Risk of Rain

    Risk of Rain takes the formula of Roguelikes and distills it into a chaotic orchestra in which you are the conductor. But how you play your symphony is up to you.

    Creating Something Crazy in Devil May Cry

    Devil May Cry has an iconic main character in the shape of the demon hunter, Dante, but his road to character fans know and love was not a very smooth one. What happened along the way?

    Surviving Night of the Consumers

    Everyone that’s ever worked retail has a horror story or two. Night of the Consumers seeks to take all of them and melt them down into one day of absolute terror.

    Revisiting Baldur’s Gate 2

    Baldur’s Gate 2 released in 1999, and has been hailed as a classic of the CRPG genre ever since. But how has it aged? We take a look and see if this D&D game stands the test of time.

    Fatum Betula Review

    Fatum Betula is an indie PS1-style game with a disquieting atmosphere about choosing the world’s future. But do its existential musings hold up?