Bronze Age RPG The Way of Wrath Coming Next Year

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By Billy Givens on December 1st, 2021


Developer Animmal has teamed up with publisher Hooded Horse to release their Bronze Age role-playing title The Way of Wrath in Q1 of 2022.

The Way of Wrath takes place in a time where myth and history have become blurred, casting players as a warrior who has returned home after an overwhelming defeat overseas. Upon arriving home, they’re tasked with rebuilding a derelict fort and unifying their people so that they can fend off an incoming invasion. They’ll have 10 in-game days to do so by sabotaging enemy camps, securing helpful resources, and gathering allies to fight alongside them in the final siege.

In addition to an in-depth character creation system, The Way of Wrath also features plenty of survival elements and a diplomacy system where the player can meet other tribes to form an alliance or go to war with them and see who comes out on top. A dynamic story means that choices have consequences, and NPCs and the player’s relationships with them may drastically change based on the decisions made throughout the adventure.

If any of this is tickling your fancy, you can go ahead and wishlist The Way of Wrath on Steam right now. While no official release date has been shared yet, keep an eye out for the game on Nintendo Switch and PC at some point in early 2022.

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