The Next SteamWorld Game Is Taking The Franchise In An Unexpected New Direction

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By Billy Givens on November 11th, 2021


SteamWorld Headhunter has been announced as the newest entry in the long-running SteamWorld franchise, but it’s probably not what you’d have expected.

Announced during the Thunderful World event, SteamWorld Headhunter is moving to the third dimension for the first time in series history. Unlike the previous mainline entries, which include two resource-collection platformers and a turn-based strategy outing, this new game is being called a “stylized and colorful, third-person co-op action-adventure.”

No gameplay was revealed during the announcement, but a brief cinematic trailer sets the tone quite well:

While not much else was shared about how the game plays, it was revealed that SteamWorld Headhunter will take place directly after the events of SteamWorld Dig 2. Though the series has always shared a canon between titles, most entries haven’t had particularly deep or affecting stories. That being said, it’s possible that we’ll see a bit more of a focus on narrative in this upcoming journey, especially given the larger size and scope being teased.

SteamWorld Headhunter was not given a release date during its reveal. Still, we do know that multiple games in the SteamWorld universe are currently in development, so we’re sure to hear more about this 3D action-adventure experience among other installments sometime next year.

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